Micropropagation laboratory

To produce what is needed by the nursery and to trace the entire supply chain, Dalmonte Vivai has created Dalmonte Micro.


The laboratory where new plants free of pathogens are born with micropropagation techniques.
Established with the aim of completing the nursery supply chain through the direct production of rootstocks, to realize a production chain of kiwi plants and to develop the production of self-rooted or micro-grained plants in protected cultivation.

Portinnesti: GF 677, Mirabolano 29C, COLT, CAB 6P
Kiwi: Hayward, Tomuri


From the PRE-BASE and Base mothers of conserved National Conservation Centers, a sprout (explant) is isolated from which the vegetative propagation will start, that is the obtaining of a large number of individuals with the same genetic characteristics as those of the mother plant.

The system provides for 4 processing steps, each time to obtain hundreds of strong seedlings and exempt Viruses suitable as rootstocks or directly productive in the case of Kiwi, self-controlled plums and hazelnut.

The function of the first phase is to establish a sterile culture.
Then the multiplication occurs through the periodic segmentation of the most developed micro-shoots that give rise to new individuals.


The micropropagation seedlings are stored in sterile and nourished containers, in order to promote the rooting and proliferation of the shoots.


The last phase involves the transfer of the seedling rooted from the sterile environment of the crop to the external environmental conditions.
This last phase (acclimatization) happens with passage in greenhouse to conditions of high relative humidity before being placed in residence.


Some images from the laboratory